Holland Fire District

The Holland Fire District Board of Commissioners — 2022

  • David Roth 2018-2022
  • Scot Pangel 2019-2023
  • Charles Thum 2020-2024
  • Susan Corey 2021-2025
  • Brenda Hack 2022-2026

The Holland Fire Department Line Officers — 2022

  • Bob Hathaway Chief
  • Tim Shaw 1st Assistant Chief
  • Chuck Clemons 2nd Assistant Chief
  • Matt Roberts 3rd Assistant Chief

The Holland Fire Department Officers — 2022

  • Scot Pangel, President
  • Bart Koote , Vice President
  • Brenda Hack, Secretary
  • Charles Thum , Treasurer


The Holland Fire Department was organized in 1893 with ten charter members: John Bolender, D.F. Tanner, W.W. Bucknam, A.H. Griggs, P.N. Cullen, Henry Spaulding, James Templeton, Paul J. Wurst, W.W. Spaulding, and R. W. Templeton. Henry Spaulding was the first chief and D. F. Tanner, the first assistant. The Holland Fire Department was chartered in 1894, and the original fire house was built from 1894 to 1896.

Holland purchased its first motorized, open cab fire truck in 1931. In 1939, Engine 2 was purchased. The ambulance service, which started in 1968, has proven to be an important part of the Fire Company’s operation.

With the growth of the community and the acquisition of additional firefighting equipment, the need for a new fire hall became evident. This was built in 1976 next to the existing fire hall. The first floor of the original fire hall is utilized by the Holland Historical Society, and the second floor provides a meeting place for the volunteer firemen.

In 1992, the fire commissioners started a substation on Hunters Creek Road to better serve the Vermont Hill/Hunters Creek area, as much growth had taken place there.