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Garbage & Refuse

The Town of Holland has contracted with Waste Management for weekly curbside collection of refuse and recyclables. Only Waste Management totes will be serviced

Learn what you can and can't recycle by visiting the Waste Management Recycling Guide

  • All refuse must be within three feet of the roadside by 6:00 a.m. on pickup day.
  • Place garbage and refuse in bags in the totes supplied by Waste Management. In addition, one large item is allowed weekly. Maximum weight is 60 pounds.
  • All recyclables, tin cans, clear glass and plastics need to be rinsed or cleaned. They can be placed together in a recycling bin.
  • Brush or scrap wood must be bundled and tied in four-foot lengths.
  • You may purchase stickers @ $1.00 each for additional bags at the Town Hall.
  • Newspapers/magazines should be placed in a brown paper bag.


  • waste resulting from the handling, storage, sale, preparation, cooking or service of foods
  • light bulbs
  • empty paint cans (latex only)
  • regular household waste
  • any non-recyclable item
  • yard waste
  • Christmas trees


Do Not Include

  • tires
  • pesticides
  • oils/oil barrels
  • paste board barrels
  • warm/hot ashes
  • 55-gallon drums
  • solvents
  • flammable materials left by contractor
  • asbestos board
  • paint
  • pool chemicals
  • automobile batteries or parts
  • railroad ties
  • suspicious waste or any other waste required by law to be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility












Garbage, refuse, and recyclables collected by Waste Management.

Only Waste Management totes will be serviced, along with one large item placed at roadside weekly.  Recycling totes will be serviced every other week.  Any questions call: June McArthur 537-9443 Ext. 3.  Appliances may be picked up by the Town on Mondays from April 1st through October 1st.  Schedule a pickup, call 537-9443 Ext. 2.  Tires (residential tires only, with a 4 tire limit no rims allowed.  No commercial tires will be accepted), batteries and propane tanks may be taken to the Town Highway Building on Edgewood Dr from April 1st through October 1st. We do not accept waste oil, sealers, paints, couches, or mattresses.

Home Collection Service

For paints, garden chemicals, household cleaners, Electronics and more

Waste Management offers a convenient service in the Town of Holland to collect Electronics and Hazardous Household Waste. 

Go to or Call 1-800-449-7587







 Erie County's Recycle Coach