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Building & Zoning

Building permits are required in the Town of Holland. The Town of Holland's complete Code Book is located on our web site under "Town Code."

Justin Quant Building Zoning Officer, Building Inspector Flood Plain Administrator 537-9443 ext. 6 Hours:  Wed. 5:30-7:30 pm Holland Town Hall
Mike Sluce Zoning Enforcement Officer & Fire Code Enforcement Officer



Below are a few items that are often overlooked when it comes to obtaining permits:

  • private garages
  • accessory tool shed (buildings that sit on the ground) any size
  • signs
  • flamable liquid tanks
  • movable buildings (PODS)
  • solid fuel burning appliance (wood stove)
  • fences
  • pools (inflatable, above and inground)
  • outdoor hot tubs
  • re-roofing

Keep in mind that building without obtaining the proper permit will result in a minimum $100 fine plus the cost of the permit.

* For your safety, New York State law requires every home to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.